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Overseas Memorial Search is the Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG) register of both Government and privately-constructed memorials for Australian Service men and women who served in conflict or peacekeeping activities. Only memorials located overseas are listed because OAWG is not responsible for war memorials in Australia. Australian memorials are normally the responsibility of State and Local Governments.

Method of Compilation

This register has been compiled from material held by OAWG and is updated as information is made available. If you believe the information displayed on this website is incomplete or incorrect, or should you have information about a memorial outside Australia not already on the site, please contact the Official Commemorations & Memorials Team or telephone 02 6289 6054. Alternatively contact DVA General Enquiries and ask for the Office of Australian War Graves.

Additional Information

If you have an enquiry about Australians who have died as a result of their service, during war periods or subsequently, contact the OAWG Information Officer or phone 02 6289 6517.


You can also obtain information about Commonwealth war cemeteries and Memorials to the Missing from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).


If you know of a private memorial that is in need of refurbishment, it may be eligible for a funding grant. For further information see: Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorials Restoration Program


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